It is important to choose an adviser who understands your needs and can provide the strategic and investment management strategies to suit your objectives.

We adhere to a structured process which enables you to assess whether our strategic and investment management style is suitable for you.


1. Initial Consultation and Identification of your Objectives

The initial consultation provides an opportunity for you to meet with your adviser and to discuss your needs and reasons for seeking advice.  You are encouraged to ask questions about your adviser’s qualifications, knowledge and experience in dealing with similar situations and the services Alder and Partners can provide for you.  You will also meet the team supporting your adviser should you choose to become a client.

It is also important that we obtain a comprehensive understanding of your current personal and financial position, your investment experience and risk tolerance as well as confirming the outcomes you would like to achieve.

This meeting will typically take up to 90 minutes.  There is no fee for this initial consultation.

At this stage you can engage us to provide you with written recommendations.  Prior to commencement we will let you know of any fees associated with preparing this advice.  The fee will be determined based on the complexity of the advice and services required.


2. Identification of Risks and Opportunities

Your adviser will review and analyse the information you provide to identify your key risks and opportunities.  This process, which will also include a comprehensive review of your current position, investment strategy and cash flow, will form the basis for the strategies to assist you in achieving your objectives.


3. Strategy Preparation and Presentation

We will prepare a detailed, written Statement of Advice which will identify your risks and opportunities, provide detailed strategy recommendations to manage these and illustrate how they will assist in meeting your objectives.

At this meeting we will present and explain the recommended strategies and the costs associated with our advice.


4. Strategy Implementation

Once you have considered the advice and wish to proceed with part or all of the recommendations, your Client Service Manager will arrange all necessary paperwork and facilitate the efficient and timely implementation of the strategy.


5. Review Service

We believe it is important to review the agreed strategies to ensure they remain relevant to your changing circumstances and that you remain on track to achieve your objectives.

When you become our client you will be offered a package of services including access to your adviser and our support team at all times during the year.

You will also be offered a formal Annual Review.  The Annual Review will include: updating your current asset, liability and income position, analysis of the performance of your investments, and revisiting your overall strategic plan.


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