Managing an investment portfolio can be complex and challenging
especially during periods of economic uncertainty and market volatility.

At Alder and Partners, we employ a transparent, disciplined and value-based investment approach. We strive to protect your capital whilst generating tax-effective long-term investment returns that outpace inflation.

In most cases the simplest investment solution is often the most appropriate.

We predominately recommend listed domestic equities, real estate investment trusts, exchange traded funds, listed investment companies and interest rate securities.  Whilst some other financial planning firms recommend unlisted, and sometimes illiquid, managed funds, we prefer investment in listed vehicles as we feel it allows us to tailor a transparent and directed portfolio to meet your specific income and capital growth needs.  Furthermore it permits us to effectively manage the capital gains tax position and generate income, including the use of tax deferred income and franking credits, for your benefit.

We diversify portfolios at the asset class and individual security level to manage risk and protect your capital.  Asset allocation is a key focus of our Investment Committee as we believe this is the major determinate in portfolio performance.

Our team acknowledges that attitudes to risk differ, and therefore we tailor the composition of every portfolio accordingly.  Our portfolio construction is not constrained by steadfastly following benchmarks.

We use a variety of full service and discount stockbrokers (with institutional pricing) to give you  access to investment opportunities via initial public offerings and capital raisings (both debt and equity).

Our advisers are able to manage your assets both within and outside superannuation, including discretionary and unit trusts, companies, self managed super funds, small APRA funds, and master trusts.


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